Over the years, we have provided a large number of gravure manufacturing equipment for hundreds of plate making manufacturers inside and outside the group and accumulated rich experience.
  • Sand Blasting Machine

    Sand Blasting Machine

    Remove the rust, oil on the surface , even ink in the cell of roller.Matte or polish effect.Pressure of spray , speed, and times adjustable.Cantilever tailstock with core clamper.Totally enclosed dust cover. Sand recycle system.
  • Washing Machine

    Washing Machine

    The washing machine is the beginning and ending work essential equipments of the laser production line, and the simply washing machine structure, operating convenience, also the simply maintenance.
  • Ring Coating Machine

    Ring Coating Machine

    Ring coating machine and spray machine are similar belonged to the important equipment of laser engraving procedures, DYM Ring coating machine is similar with imported Germany machine with the structures and functions.
  • Leather Proof Machine

    Leather Proof Machine

    Main features 1、Simulation results proof 2、Temperature adjustable and evenly 3、Roller speed and pressure adjustable 4、Axial size from 100mm to 200mm
  • Laser Engraving Gravure Machine

    Laser Engraving Gravure Machine

    The laser exposure machine is a important equipment for laser production line, DYM laser machine control system was developed by DYM R&D team, hardware mainly adopts international brand: such as IPG laser generator, FAG bearing system and Japan electric control and switch.
  • Brush Polish Machine

    Brush Polish Machine

    1 Deburr and smooth. 2 Brush interchangeable. 3 Speed,pressure and times adjustable
  • Laser Cleaning Machine

    Laser Cleaning Machine

    Fiber laser generator.One-touch operate mode.No-contact laser clean ,avoid component.Precision field clean .
  • Spray Conting Machine

    Spray Conting Machine

    Spray coating machine is important procedure before laser engraving.
  • Etching Machine

    Etching Machine

    Etching machine is one of the important equipments of the laser production line.