Fight against the virus, Come on ,Wuhan, Come on, DYM

"Novel Coronavirus Infection Outbreak Pneumonia" has occurred in Wuhan since January of this year. and spread to all of the China.China's economy and people's livelihood have been tested by great challenges. At this difficult time, the whole nation is united.

Our company is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province,Dongguan is an economically developed city with a large number of immigrants, so we are also facing a huge test.The municipal government has taken decisive measures to ask the villagers not to go out to play or party during the Spring Festival, but to rest at home.We are all very supportive.

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As a responsible enterprise, from the first day of the outbreak, our company is taking the active response to the safety of all employees and physical health in the first place. The company has concentrated on purchasing daily necessities for us, greatly reducing our risk of infection with the virus, living materials reserve situation of those under home quarantine, and we organized a team of volunteers to every day disinfect our factory daily, to put up a warning sign in the office area prominent location as well. Also our company is equipped with a special thermometer and disinfectant, hand sanitizer and so on. At present, our company more than 500 employees, no one become infected, all the epidemic prevention work will continue.

The Chinese government has taken the strictest and most efficient measures in this epidemic, and I believe we can overcome it.

Although we have a month off, all our orders will guarantee the construction period and quality.This epidemic has made our employees more united,Every employee has contributed their own strength, and now we have resumed normal production. We are strict with ourselves, do our work well and report our health condition on time every day.Through this outbreak, our country has known its own shortcomings in some emergency policies, and our company and every employee have understood how to do when the country is in difficulty.

I believe that we will overcome this virus, and we will get through this difficulty!

Post time: Feb-24-2020